Game Updates and Demo 2

The second version of the demo is now available for download.

Download now from IndieDB:
Empyrean Frontier Pre Alpha Demo

What’s new in this demo:

There is now a Game Options menu where you can set various control and gameplay related settings. These new options include:
– left/right click settings for building placement
– inverted scrolling option
– edge scrolling option
– scroll, zoom, and rotation speed sliders
– color replacement mode
– health bar, energy bar, rally line, and control group number display settings

Gameplay Options Menu

There are now distinct animated cursors for Select, Move, Attack, Attack-Move, Formation-Move, Repair, and Sell.

The Easy AI will now wait longer before attacking and will attack with a smaller force.

The in-game GUI has been scaled down to take up less screen space, plus new buttons have been added in the bottom left panel for various action commands and for using control groups.

Skirmish and GUI

I’ve also updated the tutorials with some better text boxes and explanations of some things that weren’t originally covered such as camera rotations, plus I’ve added a 3rd tutorial that covers some extra concepts including the formation tool.


There’s also a lot of optimization behind the scenes, specifically the fog of war is now much more responsive and the game runs faster with large maps. There are also notable changes to some of the unit AI that makes fighters more effective and makes them look more interesting in combat.

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