Monthly Archives: August 2017

The latest update adds 2 new buildings for the empire faction: Outposts, and Power Transmitter modules. This update also adds 4 new missions to the campaign and a number of engine optimizations for better performance and stability.



A Command Center builds a new module on a nearby Outpost.

The Outpost is a new building module that allows the imperial player to build cheaper expansion stations. Outposts act as a central hub for other building modules, just like the Command Center, however they are unable to construct modules by themselves. Instead, when a module is built, any player owned Command Center will be able to construct modules remotely off of any outpost. This makes outposts useful as hubs for resource gathering bases or defensive fortifications.

Power Transmitters:

The second new building is a space station module known as the Power Transmitter. These modules work in collaboration with the Outpost to provide power to remote bases. When a player builds a power transmitter at a base, any excess power generated at that base can instead be sent to any Outposts owned by the same player. With power transmitters, the empire player no longer has to build vulnerable reactors at forward bases, but can instead concentrate their reactors at a safer location and just build defensive turrets or other modules at their outposts.


A Command Center provides power for several remote outposts.



An unpowered outpost is now vulnerable to attack.

New Missions:

4 new missions have been added to the campaign, including 2 that introduce the player to the new outposts and power transmitter modules.



I’ve completed a bunch of new optimizations to the game engine, which gives a significant performance boost in many situations.



Patch notes:

-added new building for the empire faction: Command Outpost

-added new building module for the empire faction: Microwave Transmitter

-Command Outposts are cheaper expansion hubs which provide building nodes for any Command Center from the same player

-Microwave Transmitters allow for sending excess power to any Command Outpost

-added 4 new campaign missions

-fixed potential exploit where the player could get extra resources by selling buildings while they were under construction (selling or cancelling building modules that are under construction now refunds the amount spent, minus any damage taken)

-repair bay moved to tech level 3

-harvesters can now be manually told to drop off  their current load of resources if the player orders them to target a refinery

-improved the accuracy and responsiveness of formation drawing system when making complex shapes

-in the Fire Hawks boss battle, the enemy fighters now deploy shields in the last stage of the mission to defend the flagship boss

-the main quest in each zone no longer has 2 “continue” screens

-weapons on building modules and all of their sub-weapons no longer spin or rotate towards nearby targets when in low power (this was an issue for Gatling turrets)

-modules that become unattached from a Command Center or Command Outpost are now always set to low power state

-lowPower now decreases build times of production buildings by 75% except for command centers, which are only reduced by 50%

-updated the 2nd tutorial campaign node to include a supply limit

-replaced the 6th tutorial campaign node with the new enemy outposts node

-improved collision detection behaviors for cruisers

-various engine optimizations for better performance and stability